Products Information


Materials - we work only with high quality t-shirts, made from 100% cotton or from 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The advantages of cotton are its delicate touch and the fact that it is a natural fiber. On the other hand, polyester fibers do not retain moisture and therefore they are widely used for manufacturing sport goods. Polyester fibers wrinkle a lot less than cotton.

Range of colours - we offer cotton T-shirts and long sleeves in various colours. On demand, we can manufacture T-shirts in other than the specified in the website colours. 

Maintenance and washing - T-shirts and long sleeves do not require any special maintenance. We recommend to wash the T-shirts on the reverse side and at cold wash temperature - 85F or 30C. This will guarantee the longer life span of the T-shirts’ print.


Materials - almost all mugs are ceramic. If another material is used, this will be specified in the mugs’ description.
Maintenance and washing - mugs are dishwasher safe.

Greeting Cards

They are made of luxury, white, matte-finish cardboard with thickness of 300 g/cm2.