Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a different delivery method? Do you work with different courier companies?

For the moment the only possible way to get your items is by using a delivery service. We do not have a pick-up from store option, yet.

Currently we work with USPS and with FedEx.

Can I choose a different payment method?

For the moment you can only pay by PayPal and by credit / debit card through the PayPal service. They support all major cards.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes of course - just let us know in the comments to your order and it will be included in your package. You will need to specify all the details necessary for the invoice as well.

What is the manufacturing estimates?

We produce the items in 5 business days.

Can I return a product?

In case there was something wrong with the product received, please contact us. Our customer service team will investigate the issue and compensate you with the most appropriate way - refund, a new product, etc.

If the product does not fit you, or you do not like it for any reason. you can return the product, but we cannot refund you - we can only exchange the product for another one of equal or less value. The product must be in presentable condition - no sign of usage or damage. The delivery rate would be covered by you.

The item does not fit me - can I exchange it?

Please see the answer to the previous question.

Can I send a product as a gift?

Yes, you can - Just let us know about this in the notes to your order and we will take care of it.

Do you deliver to...?

We work with USPS and FedEx, who cover most of the world. Please contact us, in case you want to make an international order.

Can I personalize product ... to make it unique?

You sure can - please contact us and our customer service team will speak with you about the possibilities. We can let you use your own design or we can also create a personalized design just for you, made by our design team.

I have a great idea for a product - can I sell it on your site?

Yes, we have an affiliates program. We can manufacture and deliver products, designed by you. We take a small percentage of the profits. Please contact us for more information.