Products Information


We work only with high quality t-shirts - we use only Anvil products, proven to have great durability and soft touch. We add the design using printers that print directly to the garment (DTG printers) or we use screen printing. In both cases, we use only high-quality inks, that are 100% safe and are proven to stand the test of time and remain unchanged in color and saturation for years.

Materials - 100% cotton or 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The advantages of cotton are its delicate touch and the fact that it is a natural fiber. On the other hand, polyester fibers do not retain moisture and therefore they are widely used for manufacturing sport goods. Polyester fibers wrinkle a lot less than cotton and are easier to iron.

Range of colors - we offer cotton tees in 8 different colors. On demand, we can manufacture T-shirts in other than the specified in the website colors. 

Maintenance and washing - our T-shirts do not require any special maintenance. We recommend to wash the T-shirts on the reverse side and at cold wash temperature - 85F or 30C. This will guarantee the longer life span of the T-shirt's print.

Coffee Mugs

Materials - all our mugs are ceramic. If another material is used, this will be specified in the mugs’ description.
Maintenance and washing - mugs are dishwasher safe.

Greeting Cards

They are made of luxury, white, matte-finish cardboard with thickness of 300 g/cm2.