T-Shirts Information

Cool Ink T-Shirts

Materials - we work only with high quality t-shirts, made from 100% cotton or from 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The advantages of cotton are its delicate touch and the fact that it is a natural fiber. On the other hand, polyester fibers do not retain moisture and therefore they are widely used for manufacturing sport goods. Polyester fibers wrinkle a lot less than cotton. We use American Apparel t-shirts - 100% made in the USA.
To imprint the design onto the t-shirts, we use direct to garment printers or screenprinting. These 2 methods give great results, as the ink is permanently added onto the t-shirts - it is very smooth and sustains the natural qualities of the t-shirt. The inks we use are premium quality and 100% safe. The printers we use have high resolution and give very true colors and detailed images. All these qualities make our t-shirts amazingly looking and very durable - they will last for years with everyday use!

Range of colors - we offer cotton t-shirts in various colors. On demand, we can manufacture T-shirts in other than the specified in the website colors. 

Maintenance and washing - our t-shirts do not require any special maintenance. We recommend to wash the tees on the reverse side and at cold wash temperature - 85F or 30C. This will guarantee the longer life span of the t-shirt's print.