About Us

Cool Ink T-Shirts

Cool Ink T-Shirts is the new sub-brand of I Love What I Do Ltd, bringing awesome new t-shirts!

Why we created Cool Ink T-Shirts? What is our mission?

We are sick of seeing people walking around in plain boring or just stupid t-shirts! We also hate those t-shirts with meaningless scrambled images or text that usually has spelling mistakes! We can offer much better t-shirts and we want to make people look cool in them!

What about quality?

We create only premium quality t-shirts. All our t-shirts are made 100% from organic cotton, and the tees are 100% sewed in the USA, and the designs are imprinted here in California. We take great care to deliver only the highest quality to our customers. Out t-shirts are extremely soft to the touch. To imprint the designs, we use only highest quality inks and printers, which ensures great looking images and durable imprints, that last for years, without fading. Of course, in order to meet our quality standards, we have to keep our prices about $5 above the industry average. But we constantly have amazing special deals, so keep an eye for them, or register for our newsletter to get the best t-shirt deals!

What designs do we offer?

We offer all kinds of designs - there is no one theme. The only common thing in our t-shirts is their awesome designs, created specifically to fit nice on a t-shirt. We have designed cool t-shirts for men, cute tees for women, adorable t-shirts for kids, we also have t-shirts with animals, plants, Japanese art, sports, and many many more. Check out our categories for the full list.

Want more info - check our the FAQ section.